The winter football season is on and the time for FG and SG-Pro boots is still far in the future – for now it’s time for AG boots. So what exactly are those AG(Artificial Grass) football shoes? In this post we take a look at AG boots are and why you need them.

In this article we will focus on football boots and the reason why you should always use them when you are playing on artificial grass. This configuration is comprised of a durable sole, paired with a larger number of shorter and softer studs that give the optimal grip on the pitch. Because grip is what it’s ultimately all about when it comes to the different stud-configurations.

But why can’t I just play with my FG or SG-Pro boots on artificial grass? The answer is actually fairly simple: These two stud-configurations aren’t geared to perform on the material that artificial grass is made of. This in turn means you in the long run will greatly increase your risk of damaging your body, as well as your football boots. Playing with FG or SG boots in artificial grass is also prohibited by the manufacturer and by doing that the guarantee of your boots will be terminated immediately.

The surface is made with a different structure than natural grass and that means it wares up regular football boots much faster. That’s why AG boots generally perform far better on artificial grass, because the material is developed specifically to withstand the rougher conditions.

As previously mentioned the different stud-configurations are all about giving you the optimal grip on the pitch. Where FG football boots are developed for standard grass pitches with a firm structure and the SG-Pro is for wet and soft grass pitches, the AG boots are made to give you the very best movability on the artificial grass pitches.

Artificial grass has become a very popular surface, which is used by the vast majority of clubs. Winter is currently on and throughout this frosty period it has become increasingly clear that the need to AG boots is ever increasing, as people begin to realize the massive benefits of it. We hope this short guide gives you some clarity as to why a pair of AG boots is a worthy investment and why your choice of boots should never be FG, or SG-Pro on artificial.

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