Adidas Nemeziz 17.1

Some weeks ago Adidas came out with Nemeziz. A new football boot silo, which replaces the signature Messi silo, is designed for players who are agile, nimble and like to glide gracefully past their opponents. And for this reason it is no surprise that Leo Messi will be the headliner of Nemeziz.


The new silo doesn’t come without some new outstanding innovation. This time they have got their inspiration from process of taping, which players often do before games to increase stability and agilty. Nemeziz upper is made out elastaticated tape named AgilityBandage to give the needed lockdown. The tape has been sewn together and then coverd by a thin silicone layer and lined with a foam inside for a good, soft and personal fit. The Nemeziz 17.1 features laces aswell to give even more lockdown and suit for players who just like the feel of laces. If you are interested in laceless version, then you should check out Nemeziz 17+ 360.

Soleplate and stud pattern

Nemeziz soleplate plays also an important role when talking about agility and responsivness. The Torsionframe outsole features two Torsionbars to provide dynamic push off when changing direction or accelerating. It also helps to match the movements of players foot and this way gives really natural feel.

The stud pattern combines bladed and conical studs to semi-conical to give acceleration and manuverability when needed. One bonus feature is that the stud pattern works for FG and AG at the same time. This means you don’t have to get an extra pair for artificial grass pitches.

Let’s wrap it up. With every new model adidas tries to bring something new to the football world. Nemeziz is a perfect example how to create football boot by using the typical taping process.

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