Nike Tiempo Legend 7

Back in the old days natural leather boots dominated the fields. Then in the 90’s first synthetic leather boots were introduced. Slowly but steady the leather boots began to lose their popularity. Now in 2017 only few boots feature a natural leather upper. One of them is the new Tiempo Legend 7 from Nike. To keep up with the high standars set by synthetic boots, Tiempo has had to integrate many new technologies and prospects about leather football boots. But how well the new Legend 7 has coped with these new standars? Lets find out!


The upper of Tiempo Legend 7 is made out of kangaroo leather like all the previousmodels have been. But unlike the older and traditional leather boots, the Legend 7 has no stiches on the forefoot of the boot. The stiches purpose was to prevent the leather from overstreching. On Legend 7 this effect is achieved by internal foam skeleton, which also gives structure to the boot.

What is also new is the use of Flyknit material on the heel area of the boot. Fancy name and fancy material, but it actually doesn’t give any significant difference. But a place where it does is the tongue of the boot. It streches much more than the synthetic on the Legend 6 and due to that is easier to but on. This one-piece construction feels extremely comfortable as well.

On the inside of the boot, a new Fitmesh liner is used, which is inspired from Chinese fingertrap. The liner is loose from the rest of the upper and you can move it around with your finger when touching it. But as soon as you put them on the material streches fully. Unlike the other liners, which lack in structure, the Ftmesh along with that foam skeleton and Flywire cables give quite locked in feel, which for a leather boot is welcomed, because average leather boots tend to overstrech after signifiacant use of time and thus lose in responsititvity.

Like every other high-end Nike boot, the Legend 7 has also All Conditons Control (ACC), which gives extra grip on ball in wet conditions.

Sole plate and stud pattern

The new soleplate is called Hyperstability, which is a mix of conical studs that give comfort and maneuverability and bladed studs that give aggressiveness and stability. The studs themselves are positioned so that you shouldn’t feel any stud pressure. Overall, this is a quite basic and normal soleplate, which does its job great.

Fit and feel

The Legend 7 will fit very comfortably right out of the box. It is very anatomical and feels snug around your foot. Width wise it should fit to all foot types because the kangaroo leather on the upper can strech. On the lenght wise we reccomend going up half a size, because Tiempos mostly run half a size too small. Also, the boot needs a bit of break in time to mould to your foot and to soften up the leather even more. The feel is best you can from a football boot. Thin, soft and natural. This is the main reason why natural leather boots still exist.

Overall, we think that the new Tiempo Legend 7 is the best natural leather boot on the market right now. It has withstand the high technological demands, while sustaining the classical and the main aspect of the boot – the natural leather upper.

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