During a high intensity football match, you can burn over 1500 Kcal. The main energy source used in high-intensity sports like football is carbohydrate, which is converted into glycogen and stored in your muscles and liver. Due to the repetitive sprint nature of the game, we use glycogen faster with stores lasting for around 60 minutes during a game.

Within 30 minutes:

Even if you manage to take on fuel during the game, you will still be in a carbohydrate deficit. To accelerate recovery, we must replace these stores. Your metabolism stays lifted for around 30 minutes after a game, so take on SiS REGO Rapid Recovery to provide the body with 23g of carbohydrate, 20g of protein and 1 gram of salt, which is what the body needs to adapt and recover after a tough game.

Within 1 hour:

A ‘post match meal’ will provide the body with other vital nutrients that it needs to recover. Although a pizza may seem tempting, stick to high quality, carbohydrate sources. This, along with protein and plenty of vegetables will help refuel the muscles with glycogen; initiate the rebuild process and replace vitamins and minerals.


The muscles are made up of proteins known as muscle fibers. Sprinting and turning damages these fibers, which is the reason your muscles feel sore after a game. Muscles are repaired through protein synthesis. By supplying amino acids, known as the “building blocks of protein” within 30 minutes of finishing exercise, you can accelerate protein synthesis through protein and amino acid intake. This protein source should be rich in L-leucine, a BCAA that is key in stimulating protein synthesis. SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains a full amino acid profile, which is needed to prevent the breakdown of muscle. However, muscle breakdown can still occur over-night, which poses a problem as it is not practical to consume protein while you sleep. SiS Overnight Protein is made from milk protein, which slowly releases amino acids into the system, helping prevent muscle breakdown while you sleep.


Aim to replace 150% of the fluid lost during the game. You can work this out by weighing yourself before and after. If you have a high sweat rate or played in high temperatures, consuming a SiS GO Hydro in 500ml of water will help retain the fluid and provide all important minerals which are essential in order to rehydrate.

Other Tips

Compression: leg compression garments reduce inflammation, fatigue and muscle soreness in a range of athletes. Use immediately post exercise until you go to sleep.
Ice bath: 10 minutes of cold water submersion has been shown to decrease fatigue and lactic acid production, while reducing swelling and muscle breakdown.
Foam Rolling: The aim of this is to find “trigger points” in the muscle, which are a series of tight, sore muscle fibres. By releasing these fibres, you are returning the muscle to an elastic state. Foam roll for 10 minutes post-exercise, avoiding rolling over any bruises.

Example football recovery strategy

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